What is SUPREMA?

SUPREMA is an annual medical symposium and workshop organized by the external department of HMJ KBMK FK Unsoed. This symposium and workshop always present different topics, covering various disciplines.This year's Suprema presents something different! Not only symposiums and workshops. Now, Suprema will be an international event, and there is a scientific competition series. Suprema will be filled by international and national speakers who are experts in each field. The 8th Suprema presents cardiometabolic emergencies as a main topic.


Who is it for?

The 8th Suprema series is intended for medical students, co-assistants, medical interns, practitioners, residents, medical professionals, specialists, and other health workers.

Why you should join SUPREMA?

1. Hot Topics and Latest Issue Updates

2. International Comprehensive Symposium, Workshops, and Scientific Competition

3. Filled by international and national qualified speakers and expert trainers

4. Useful Learning in All Fields of Health

5. Interesting Prizes and SKP Certified




Elaborate Management Care and Recent Guideline in Cardiometabolic Disease

Symposium & Workshop